Workout & Nutrition Plans

Workout & Nutrition Plans

Welcome to CEO workout and nutrition plans. These are not custom plans, but instead templates designed for the majority of people to implement into their life and follow easily. They are designed to help you get started on your health journey, and make yourself successful long term with this new lifestyle. These plans will be based on 12-week programs to help you achieve your goals.

The workout program will provide photos to help you with form in your workouts and some explanations for more complicated movements. It will have a 12-week progression to ensure you are getting better each week.

The nutrition program is geared towards teaching you how to eat clean food and programmed based on your current body weight. There are many different options for food, and each meal will have the amount of food listed for each of your meals. Included,  is a page that will give you insight on how to be successful with this type of nutritional guidance.

These plans are based on helping the majority of the population based on my experiences.  If you are looking for more of a personalized program, then I suggest reaching out to me for online or in-person training. I consider online and in-person to be my best, mainly due to constant communication. However, you can be very successful with these plans, if online or in-person doesn’t currently work with your lifestyle. These plans are designed to help you figure out what to do at the gym, and how to eat the right types of food.

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