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Casey's Story

I could tell you that the reason I’m a personal trainer is that I’ve always had a passion for fitness, love sports and blah, blah, blah.

Dad in Hospital

While that is true, training goes much deeper for me and there’s a bigger reason I do what I do.

It started in July of 2017 after taking a break from personal training because I thought it was something that I wasn’t fit to do as a career.

That all changed when I nearly lost my father from 4 heart attacks at the age of 49. Our relationship at the time wasn’t the best and that made everything else that much worse.  They told me he had maybe a 1% chance to pull through but it wasn’t likely. So we prayed around his bedside and prepared for the worst, but then a miracle happened. He made it through surgery and we didn’t lose him. Next, we were told that he would be brain dead and wouldn’t ever be the same person. They were wrong. After many months of rehab, he made it out and lives a normal life today.

During the time he was in rehab, I also started to develop my own health problems.

For about 90 days I developed a pretty severe limp. Being hard-headed I simply kept pushing it off and telling myself that I was injured from working out and it would pass. It didn’t, it only got worse.

Casey in the HospitalThree days prior to visiting the ER, I had to sleep with my legs vertical up the wall or I had to lay on my back and sleep with my legs on the arm of a couch. The pain was so severe at this point, that I couldn’t even lay flat without feeling like someone was stabbing my hip. After 4 days in the hospital, they were ruling that I had Rheumatoid arthritis. Later, much later, it was ruled that I had several arthritis flare-ups and they couldn’t figure out why.

After feeling very depressed for several days about myself, I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and told myself “stop complaining about your pain and fix it, you know how to do it”. After 6 months of learning about nutrition and corrective exercise movements, I was off all medications and became virtually pain-free.

Now, this is where my true personal training story began. My goal is to help anyone I possibly can, especially those that think they are a lost hope and believe that their body will always hurt. I want to help show people how to live a healthy lifestyle and show them a better quality of life.

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